One of them is hiding your browsing sites. 6 features you didn’t know about Google Chrome


Google continues to update features in Chrome since the launch of the browser in 2008

Even if you’ve been using Google Chrome since it was first launched in 2008, your browser has features you may not have discovered yet.

Google regularly adds new features, while older features are lost and forgotten if you don’t use it every day. Here are 6 features you probably didn’t realize you could do at Chrome.

1. Switch to guest mode

If someone needs to temporarily borrow your computer, you may not want to browse and check all the sites you’ve accessed, then the guest mode is useful.

To use this feature click the avatar of your Google account in the upper right corner, then choose Guest mode to make the switch.

2. Play audio and video files

Chrome can do more than just open websites. If you drag an audio or video file to a new tab, you’ll be able to play it directly into your browser, as long as it’s in a common and well-known format.

Chrome will certainly not replace the default media player, because the controls in operation and the features you get are rather primitive, but they can help you when you want to quickly open a file on your system.

3. Group tabs together

One feature recently added to Google Chrome is the aggregation of tabs, which lets you organize tabs in groups with labels and colors.

Right-click the header of any open tab, and choose to add a tab to a new collection to get started. Open the same right-click menu, and you’ll be able to add new tabs to a group, take out tabs from the group, and so on. Click and drag a tab group label to move them, and click once to show or hide the group.

4. Send tabs to other devices

If there’s a web page you want to look at on your phone or other device, right-click the URL address in the address bar at the top of the Chrome interface, and then choose send to your devices.

If your devices are « devices » on which you have installed chrome browser and accessed using your Google Account. Choose one of the options from the list that appears, and the url address in question will be sent immediately via the other device.

5. Start where you left off

You don’t have to keep Chrome open to avoid losing all tabs, because the browser can open with the same windows and tabs that it had when it closed, if you wish.

Open the browser menu, choose settings and then when you start, and choose Follow from where you left off. Also note that if chrome browser is unexpectedly closed (your computer crashes, for example) it will also try to recover all the web pages you were looking for last time.

6. Change the appearance of chrome

The standard chrome browser looks good for most of us, but you can modify some browser aesthetics if you feel like changing.

Open the browser menu and choose settings, appearance and subject to browse the Chrome online marketplace for new features. You’ll find all kinds of color features and artwork here, from artists, users and from Google itself, and you can always refer to the original look again with a single click.

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