A « hackers massacre » strikes Clubhouse. Leaking data 1.3 million


Leaked data for Clubhouse users included their names and social media accounts

In a new « piracy massacre » on social media, a report published by the U.S. website Cyber News reported that at least 1.3 million Club House users had leaked personal data in a popular online hacker forum.

Leaked data for users of the app included their names and social media accounts, as well as other details, according to the report.

Hackers may also abuse data in their hands, according to Cyber News, which may make it easier to target their owners.

On Tuesday, Cyber News revealed a massive leak of personal data belonging to nearly 500 million LinkedIn users, equivalent to about two-thirds of the platform’s users.

Attract millions in a short time

Club House has invaded the virtual world and attracted millions in a short time to uncover its worlds and what it holds again.

Paul Davison, CEO of Club House, said at the end of February that the app now has more than 10 million active users a week, which means clubhouse’s user base has reached five times in a month.

At a time when the app still requires an invitation from an existing user so far, and available only to iPhone users, joining celebrities and the previously unusual audio-based communication method has made ClubHouse the top of the list of most downloaded apps in the App Store.

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