Learn about a new app to get rid of mobile phone addiction in a simple step


Counting smartphone addiction is a serious problem for many users, nearly millions of people around the world share the same predicament, often we pick up a mobile phone without knowing exactly what we want to do just because we want to capture it, whether to spend a lot of time watching content on social networks and well-known video platforms or playing electronic games and others, and to reduce unnecessary phone uses have developed many applications and services that share tutorials on how to get rid of From the addiction to using mobile devices or those applications that provide options to stay away from the phone even for a few minutes, and one of these applications the new Actuflow application, and offers itself with the simple goal of helping people use their phone more consciously without exceeding the limits of its use in negative activities, Actuflow checks whether you are honest with yourself and challenges you to use your phone only for a specific purpose, where every time you unlock the mobile phone, a model is opened From the app to indicate why it is used at that moment, forcing us to devote a few seconds to thinking about whether we actually need a mobile phone at the time, then the app tries to keep you on track by sending a reminder every now and then, reminds you are you still busy with what you set in the past or are you browsing social media and entertainment services, the app works Off ligne mode and does not store any user data, and displays statistics Different related to you such as the times when you skipped the « Use your phone » model, which helps you better understand how you use the phone.

The app is available for download on both Android operating systems and iOS for iPhone phones, after downloading and installing it on your phone you open it and activate this option

Actuflow Home

Now that you unlock your phone, you will download a window from the app telling you do you really need to use your phone at that moment, just answer the question and click save to save the numbers


Through this section will show statistics summarising how much you respect what you have specified in the previous option, or that you have taken yourself to watch the media and browse unnecessary sites, and then you can conclude what you are wasting your time and working to overcome it


In settings, you can customise the duration of the app to remind you to respect the delirious use of your phone, and other options that we recommend.


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