After Club House. Signal app tests new payments feature


After launching the feature, the user will be able to send money to friends and family and receive money from them.

Encrypted messaging app Signal has announced the testing of the new payments feature within the UK, in another step to attract more users.

In a statement posted on its website, the app said that the latest releases of Signal will be released today, which contain performance improvements, a large number of error fixes, and improvements to mute settings

The release also includes Signal Payment, which enables users to easily send and receive privacy-focused payments such as sending or receiving a message, the statement said.

The app explained that it wants this feature to have privacy and speed, and works well on mobile devices, where mobileCoin, which has a special currency called MOB, has been added.

According to the statement, the user will need to link Mobile Queen’s wallet to the app, so they can send money to friends and family, receive money from them, track the balance and review the transaction history with a simple interface.

He stressed Segnal’s inability to access users’ different transaction data, noting the app’s willingness to expand on the feature after receiving comments within the UK.

Source: Sanad Agency

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