Apple is working on a new wearable device


Since the beginning of Apple smart watch industry, where the reputation of Apple Watch reached record levels due to the many features and unique available in it, and Apple wants to continue in this framework through a new wearable device combining the features of the smartwatch and the smart bracelet according to the latest news.

Leaked new photos of a new patent revealed in the past days, developed by the American company with the American Office of Intellectual Property and Patent known as « USPTO » in which Apple talks about a smart wearable device that seems to combine the smart watch and the smart bracelet, as revealed by the competent media that quoted the news and headed by the site « Wccftech »

Apple new wearable device

The new concept presented by Apple on the new accessory reveals that the new device will come with a screen wrapped with digitally customizable watch belts and a round screen, and as noted in this patent, the device can be worn with a wrapped screen and the patent also discusses a screen covering the entire face of the watch in addition to the scope of the smartwatch.

Some followers say it may be about the upcoming versions of the Apple Watch.

apple new wearable device, apple watch

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