I advised users to update their devices… Apple issues security patches after discovering serious glitch


The vulnerability discovered by Google’s security researchers may have been « actively exploited » by hackers on Apple devices also.

Apple has released an update for iPhone and iPad and smartwatches to correct a dangerous security vulnerability that is under active attack from hackers.

The company advised users to upgrade as soon as possible to the latest version of iOS 14.4.2 (iOS 14.4.2) and iPad OS 14.4.2, which also covers a patch for older devices. It has also updated its Watch OS operating system to version 7.3.3.

Apple said the vulnerability discovered by Google’s security researchers may have been « actively exploited » by hackers. The error was found in WebKit , an open source application architecture that provides a basis for building web services, and the browser engine that runs safari on all Apple devices.

It is not known who exploits the vulnerabilities of Apple devices, or who may be a victim. The company did not say whether the attack targeted a small subset of users or whether it was a broader attack.

This is the third time Apple has introduced a security update this year to fix defects due to security concerns about exploiting the loopholes. Earlier this month, the company released corrections to similar vulnerabilities in WebKit.

The update immediately preceded this update also included an urgent fix for a vulnerability, while the iOS 14 update was features, not just a security update or error fix, but the added features were relatively modest and included the camera’s ability to read smaller QR codes than before, an option to manually classify Bluetooth devices to ensure the required behavior, and notifications to allow users to know whether the camera « cannot be verified as a new and original Apple camera. »

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