CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA Linux courses in Arabic free of charge


I agree with you that the sources of learning in Arabic are on the fingers compared to English content, so we always call for the need to learn this language if you want to continue your career in the field of information in particular. If you want to take lessons in networks and know the basics in Arabic, i invite you, fortunately there are a range of Arabic channels and websites that offer you free lessons in corporate-certified certificates.

Today I present to you one of the seven most important courses for network engineers and this is CompTIA security+ and CompTIA Linux+.

CompTIA Security+ :

This certification is for security professionals, and CompTIA Security+ covers systems security, network infrastructure, encryption, evaluation and review.

CompTIA Security

CompTIA Linux+ :

is dedicated to IT professionals who will use Linux to manage everything from cars, smartphones and even servers and giant computers, where a large number of companies use Linux in cloud applications, cybersecurity, web and mobile management applications.

CompTIA Linux Plus

CompTIA Linux + is a Linux certification that covers the latest basic skills required by hiring managers.

CompTIA Security+ course link
CompTIA Linux + Cycle Link

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