Facebook adopts a rival product for Clubhouse


Facebook: Photos are examples of the company’s exploratory audio efforts

Since the New York Times reported last month that Facebook was building a rival clubhouse product, many questions have been asked and remain unanswered.

Until it shows new screenshots of an audio product via Facebook, still under development, what appears to be a live audio streaming experience that is an extension of the Messenger Rooms feature on Facebook, rather than a standalone app experience.

Facebook confirmed that the images were examples of the company’s exploratory audio efforts, but warned that they were not a direct product at the moment.

Features under development

She also explained that the details of what a product might look like based on these images would be inaccurate, as the features under development may be quite different from live products.

The images help explain how Facebook thinks about live audio and where this social experience can fit into the current Facebook app.
Facebook’s Messenger Rooms can provide a Clubhouse-style live audio streaming experience in the future.

The photos were also shared by mobile developer Alessandro Palosi, who encountered live audio developments via Facebook and user interface experiences within Facebook Android code.

Connecting people

Commenting on the photos, a company spokesman said: « We have been connecting people through audio and video technologies for many years, and we are always exploring new ways to improve that experience for people.

The current trial version of Messenger Rooms allows users to choose the type of room they want in zoom competitor via Facebook, which was first launched last May.

One option also offers a private audio room with friends, and another private video room, while the last option, Live Audio, allows the user to start streaming only audio into a room full of listeners.

Messenger Rooms supports up to 50 people, but is not designed to deliver a public broadcast experience.

The Facebook version currently has a Clubhouse-like interface, where speakers are displayed at the top of the user list, and listeners are listed below speakers. « Anyone on Facebook can join the broadcast without having to open Messenger Rooms, » says Baluzi.

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