Facebook bans hackers who targeted Uighur accounts


Sophisticated and covert operations by hackers targeting Uighur activists, journalists and dissidents

The giant Facebook website on Thursday banned hackers working for China who targeted uighur minority accounts.

This came after hackers hacked into computers and smartphones of China’s Muslim Uighur minority, Facebook announced Wednesday.

Sophisticated and covert operations were targeting Uighur activists, journalists and dissidents from Xinjiang Province.

Fake pages

The hackers also sought access to computers and phones by creating fake Facebook pages for real characters who are attractive to Uighurs.

Accounts and websites contain links to viruses that penetrate the devices and allow them to spy.

The company said that the devices of about 500 people were hacked and spied on, and that it stopped the accounts during a routine security check.

Facebook found links between the hackers and two technology companies in China linked to the Chinese government.

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