Google Photos app launches new features


The new update of the Google Photos app for Android phones will take place in a few days, while the version dedicated to Apple mobile devices will be launched in a few months

Google has announced the launch of a new update to the Photo app that includes many cutting-edge video editing functions and great photo editing capabilities for paid contributors.

The U.S. company noted that the new update to the App Photo for Android phones will be introduced in a few days, while the version dedicated to Apple mobile devices will be displayed within a few months.

Google explained that it has updated the video editor tool (Video Editor) where the app offers new possibilities for cutting video and changing perspective, adding filters, adjusting brightness, contrast ratio, color saturation and white balance.

The new version of Google Photos :

The new version of Google Photo includes many new image editing functions, with also available portrait blur and portrait light for images that do not contain depth information, so that the impact of the poké and studio light can be simulated even with images that have not been taken in Portrait mode.

Google added that photo-photo application provides many new effects that are operated by machine learning technology, so it can do many complex actions with a single click, including the ability to adjust the sky automatically in landscape images, while adjusting the contrast and exposure ratio is done in specific positions in the image.

To take advantage of these new functions, Google requires a smartphone with a 3GB RAM smartphone with at least 8.0 Android operating system.

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