Instagram in the footsteps of TikTok. In this new feature


The Instagram platform has officially launched a new feature called Remix, which provides a way to record Reels video along with a video from another user.

The option is similar to TikTok’s current Duets feature, which also allows users to interact with someone else’s video content while creating their own content.

The new Instagram feature has also been tested publicly previously, so some Instagram users may have been able to access it.

Reels mimic TikTok in multiple ways, and you now get another feature from the popular video app, so that users via Instagram can now use Remix Reels, which means they can upload a video next to another user, based on the original clip.

Instagram’s plans for Remix have recently emerged, and Snapchat is developing its own Remix feature.

An essential part

Duets at TikTok is an essential part of making the app look like a social network and less than a negative video viewing experience. Duets users benefit from singing, dancing, joking or acting next to another user’s video, doing things like cooking someone else’s recipe, recording a reaction video, or even just watching a video from a smaller content maker to give them a boost.

TikTok’s competitors, such as Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight or YouTube Short, have launched short video experiences without a full range of sharing or editing features like TikTok, making their apps look like imitators.

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First step

Reels Remix is also a first step toward changing this perception, by giving users at least one important option to participate and collaborate with their creative colleagues. The feature will only be available via newly downloaded Reels, so if you want to use it with older Reels videos, you need to either reload them or refer to old Reels videos and enable Remix.

Reels Remix videos appear alongside any other Reels you’ve recorded on the Reels tab in your Instagram account, and you’ll be able to track who has re-integrated your content with your Instagram activity tab.

Similar features

Instagram says this feature is rolled out from today, and is enabled by default through all new Reels videos posted from a public account.

Reels was launched in August last year and Instagram has added more features similar to TikTok over the months, while also de-emphasizing any recycled content.

The company is clearly serious about making short video content a mainstay, adding the Reels button to its home screen.

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