Microsoft prepares to reopen its offices and enter the age of hybrid working hours


The company announced that its goal is to give employees more flexibility, allowing them to work where they feel more productive and comfortable

Microsoft is preparing to reopen its offices and shift to hybrid-work mode, so that telecommuting is a routine part of many of its functions, even after the Corona pandemic.

After more than a year of telecomra-based work due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the company now appears ready to start welcoming employees back into its offices.

Microsoft’s Headquarters in Washington will begin switching to a mixed-action approach on March 29, with some employees returning to their offices, while others are working from home.

« Our goal is to give employees more flexibility, to allow them to work where they feel more productive and comfortable, while also encouraging them to work from home, » the company said Monday in a blog post.

The software company’s 21-nation office sites would be ready to accommodate additional workers in compliance with local authority directives.

She added that this initial order will affect nearly 20% of Microsoft’s more than 160,000 employees.

The company stated that once the epidemic did not pose a significant threat to communities, it expected that the part-time work schedule from home would be routine for many of its functions.

The company has previously said that it will allow some employees to work remotely on a permanent basis with the approval of their managers, to learn how to continue working with employees deployed at home.

The procedures were not standardized last year for all companies, while many companies are still postponing the return of workers to their offices. Google’s owner Alphabet keeps most of its employees working remotely until at least September.

Twitter said most of its employees will be able to continue working remotely after the epidemic is over.

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Many corporate leaders expect this to continue, according to a global survey released by Microsoft on Monday, which showed that 73% of employees want business policies to stay from the flexible home, and 65% say they want more personal time with their teams after the epidemic. About 66% of companies are considering redesigning offices to accommodate mixed work environments.

Microsoft is betting that the era of hybrid action will generate a new wave of requirements to accommodate employees. The company recorded a year of strong growth amid the epidemic, adapting to move around the working environment remotely, and adopting some kind of cloud computing services and workplace collaboration tools that the company sells.

At the CEO Summit, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said all companies want to allow their employees to work remotely in the long term.

Netflix founder and co-CEO Reed Hastings said he has not seen any benefits from the direction of work from home, and that the expected working weeks will turn into office staff four days a week, with one day’s work remotely.

Executives at other companies pointed to challenges related to training, the integration of new staff and the termination of projects, as staff shifted to work from home.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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