Pwnagotchi Tool: Tamagochi to penetrate Wi-Fi networks using artificial intelligence


If you’re in the 1990s, you certainly know tamagotchi, electronic games that gave you the opportunity to take care of a small virtual animal. Recently, Bandai decided to bring this game back to market by launching a new limited version.

These new models have made a big fuss, especially in the 1990s generation, which has memories with this game, but there is another unofficial project, which has Tamagotchi also talk about many websites and platforms on the Internet. Called Pwnagotchi, this tamagotchi-style tool was designed by a hacker calling himself Evilsocket on Twitter.

What is this project and what is it aiming for? Essentially, turning Pi into a WiFi Tamagotchi hunter with the Pwnagotchi project, which includes artificial intelligence capable of « learning » about the wireless environment, and modifying the type of data it receives to improve the chances of success for hacking into Wi-Fi networks.

Pwnagotchi Tool, Tamagochi

Instead of eating virtual foods, Pwnagotchi feeds on WiFi. yes Pwnagotchi networks is a tool designed to penetrate WiFi (not very traditional). According to his creator, Pwnagotchi’s evolution depends on his exposure to WiFi. Whenever you’re exposed to Wi-Fi networks, it’s easy to hack, so this tool relies on artificial intelligence to learn.

To make it evolve, users will have to navigate around the city and collect data over the WiFi network that will be used to « feed » Pwnagotchi. This device has an interface that allows users to check Pwnagotchi’s mood according to its activities and satisfaction level.

Pwnagotchi has an educational system that allows it to automatically evaluate the WiFi environment and change its settings to increase its chances of capturing as much data as possible.

Within a few weeks, Pwnagotchi experienced a staggering number of users. A community of users from all over the world has appeared on the web. They advise on the best way to improve the use of Pwnagotchi.

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