Rice fairy tale. How do you fix your phone if it falls into the water or pours liquid on it?


Announcing that new phones are « water resistant » doesn’t mean they’re completely immune to it.

One study revealed that 27% of users have damaged their phones with either water or any other type of fluid, and many of them start flooding the phone with rice beans to help fix the problem, but unfortunately to no avail.

In a report published by sciencealert, Ritesh Chug, senior lecturer in the Department of Information Systems and Analysis at CQUniversity University in Australia, said fluid penetration of a smartphone can affect it in several ways and can lead to many problems, the most important of which is complete device damage.

Another problem that can occur is the appearance of blurry images in the case of moisture retention in the camera lens, lack of sound, possibly inability to charge, and can cause rust of the inner parts.

While the new phones are advertised as « water resistant, » this does not mean that they are actually or completely water-fortified, and water resistance means that the device can handle some water exposures before significant damage occurs.

Samsung has long been criticized for claiming its phones are water resistant.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in 2019 referred Samsung to the Federal Court, claiming that false and misleading advertising led customers to believe that their Galaxy phones would be suitable for use in all types of water or exposure, including, for example, oceans and swimming pools.

Samsung Australia subsequently rejected customer warranty claims for damage to phones due to liquid or exposure.

Similarly, Apple was fined 10 million euros last year by Italy’s antitrust authority for « misleading allegations » about its phones’ water resistance and failure to cover fluid damage under warranty.

phone that fell into the water

Fix a phone that fell into the water.

First: Don’t put your phone in a bowl of rice, it’s just a myth, and instead follow the following steps :

  1. Turn off the device immediately and don’t press any button.
  2. If your phone is waterproof and you immerse it in non-water liquid, Apple and Samsung recommend rinsing it with clean, stagnant water, but not under running tap water, which may cause damage.
  3. Wipe the phone to dry using paper towels or a soft cloth.
  4. Gently shake the device to remove water from charging outlets, but avoid severe shaking because this may lead to increased spread of liquid inside it.
  5. Remove the phone card.
  6. Use a compressed air vent to flush out water if you have one, avoid using a hot hair dryer because heat can destroy rubber seals and damage the screen.
  7. Dry the phone (especially ports) in front of the fan.
  8. Leave the phone in a sealed tray filled with silica gel bottles (those small packages you find inside new shoes and bags), or another drying agent, which helps absorb moisture.
  9. Don’t charge the phone until you’re sure it’s dry. Charging a device with liquid inside or at ports can cause further damage. Apple suggests waiting at least 5 hours, once the phone appears java before charging it or until the alarm disappears.

If the above steps don’t help you, and you’re still stuck with a device that looks finished, don’t try to open the phone yourself, but it’s best to take it to a professional.

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