Spotify enters the competition against Club House. New application for audio forums


Swedish group Spotify has launched an electronic voice chat platform with features similar to those in the Club House app, which has made it impossible to reference this growing market.

Spotify developed the greenrum app following its acquisition at the end of March of Betty Labs, a voice forum company.

The latter is particularly credited with launching the Locker Room platform, which hosts live audio panel discussions on sports-related topics and has formed a corner reservation for Greenrum’s launch. Any Greenrum user can join a conversation forum or create their own forum available to the public.


Audio content makers can also record or part of a conversation and add it to a pre-recorded program. Spotify has developed a system to oversee the talks, which did not elaborate on the details of its work.

After a major boom in the world of sound blogging (podcasts), live audio content, including live forums, programs and user conversations, has been in high popularity for nearly a year, particularly with the success of Club House.

Since December, the app has recorded more than 18 million downloads on smart devices, according to specialist website App Magic.

However, there are doubts about the profitability of this model and the ability of these platforms to generate financial revenue from the content posted on it.

Other technology companies have entered the line, including Twitter, which launched Spices in December, or Facebook, which set up its first Live Audio Rooms forum Tuesday with its president, Mark Zuckerberg.

New players in the sector are also facing competition with Discover, which has been in the field of live audio content since 2015 with more than 140 million users, with a different position through orientation, especially for video game fans.

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