That’s how you can help update Google Maps to make it more accurate.


Google Maps new tool allows you to report « lost routes », change direction or modify their names in app maps to help other users

Google has announced a new way to help make maps more accurate, making them more useful to app users.

Google will soon launch the ability to report map changes using the desktop editing tool.

You’ll be able to add « Lost Ways » to maps, by selecting the « Edit » button in the side menu.

The tool also lets you change the direction of the road, realign and delete incorrect routes, as well as rename them if the information in the maps is no longer accurate.

At the moment, if the user wants to add « Missing Way, » he should add a « pin » where the route should be, write the road name and send this information to Google.

Google maps app
Google maps app

The new tool will make it easier to add lost routes and make corrections, such as repairing the road name or direction, if the road is one way, for example, and there is an error in Google Maps.

Allowing anyone to edit maps can be risky, so Google checks road updates before publishing them to prevent people from adding error information.

The tech giant will provide this feature in 80 countries in the coming months.

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