The crown. Device boosts user productivity through brain analysis


A couple of engineers designed a wearable device to perform an electro-brain scan, known as EEG, called crown.

The device developed by Neurosity measures and analyzes brain waves with the help of 8 sensors, to analyze the activity of the user’s anterior lobe and help it maintain concentration and increase productivity with music aid.

The brain electrocardiogram is one of the most commonly used techniques for measuring neural activity. Technology essentially records the electrical activity of the brain through electrodes placed on the scalp. Depending on the user’s brain signals, the device will play specially selected music to increase focus.

Because the ability to concentrate is regulated by the frontal lobe of the brain, the crown focuses on this area of the brain. The device is connected to the Neurosity Shift app linked to the Spotify music playback account.

The Crown
The Neurosity Crown, an personal wearable EEG device.

The crown :

So, « Crown » is basically a music player that reads the brain, analyzes the user’s brain waves and then plays the most appropriate music in order to maintain its concentration status.

The Crown is similar to the previous Concept 2 device, developed by the same company to transmit brain signals, which also reduced technological dispersion by automatically muting notifications or ringtones from the devices.

In an effort to help users eliminate procrastination, the Crown sends a « report card » indicating the most focused moments and times when they are more dispersed.

These devices are renowned for their lack of noise-cancelling technology, which means that music is drowned out by background noise. However, Neurosti says its devices use the latest technology.

Any potential buyer would also be happy to know that The Crown does not store any of its users’ brain waves for sale to third parties.

Source aljazeera arabic forbes

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