The Facebook computer app is coming back again and these are the great features you will get as soon as you install it on your device


Facebook and Microsoft are one of the world’s leading technology companies, and facebook has helped achieve the level reached today by innovation and new features that are periodically introduced to their products, in this aspect the application of Facebook was one of the best free applications available in the Microsoft App Download Store, and although this Facebook in February last year removed its application in the operating system Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store and Users recommended using the web version instead, and many believe that the reason for this is that the version of the application in Windows 10 has not been properly maintained and updated, the reason why the number of users is decreasing day by day, and in this period the Application Facebook appeared again in the Microsoft Store, and apparently it is still in the trial phase which is completely different from the previous Facebook application because it is a progressive web application PWA, and on Although the app is not as it was before in Windows 10 operating system, it still looks very good, and Facebook says that the application on the operating version of Windows 10 is a trial version of the platform that includes all the recent features that have been released so far on the application, so that Facebook allowed users to submit their feedback in case of any problem appears by the option « report a problem » in the drop-down menu located in the upper right corner of the application, and Users have expressed satisfaction with this step because many people prefer to use this version to access the platform’s website in the web, where now when you go to Facebook in the web on microsoft edge browser and you have already installed the application, you will see the option to open Facebook from it instead of the browser

Facebook APP

To use the new Version of the Facebook Beta app, your computer must be installed on the windows version 10 version 19003 or higher, and also the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser

Facebook app Microsoft store page

Since Facebook Beta is basically just a web site installed based on Microsoft Edge browser, it does not offer a different experience than you expect in the browser, but it contains some great features such as activating dark mode, traditional lighting mode and other great features.

Facebook app dark mode

What some do not know that websites can be installed as applications that can be used as any official application in the computer, this step has been made by Facebook to facilitate faster and easier browsing of the platform.

Facebook app

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