Twitter is working on a new feature adapted from Facebook


It seems that Twitter is going slowly to get its platform close to a lot of features of the competing platform and the largest social networking site Facebook, especially since many tend to criticize Twitter because it does not keep up with many of the new developments that appear in this arena, but the new addition will certainly impress users.

Twitter business

A number of followers have observed in the past days that the social media platform Twitter has begun to sound opinions, and this is related to a new way of interacting with tweets posted on the platform by users, and this method allows followers to comment by using expressive or emoji faces only without having to comment in writing, the new feature that Twitter seems to be working on is already in similar applications and especially on Facebook.

According to the current popular news, the survey in question asks respondents to choose between two suggestions of emoji associated with different reactions, and other sources indicate that Twitter is also looking for a new way to allow users to explain that they do not like a tweet, as Twitter does not want users to hesitate to express themselves, for fear of receiving a lot of negative reactions, and therefore the way tweets are evaluated is the best way for the platform.

Twitter has not yet officially clarified its position on these reports, and we still do not know whether the new feature actually exists or is still in development.

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