It’s going to be online. What will the Apple Developers Event reveal this year?


It is not surprising that Apple chooses to hold its global conference of online developers only, given that the impact of the Corona pandemic still exists worldwide.

Apple has announced that it will hold its annual developer conference this year , known as WWDC 2021 , from June 7 to 11, and will be an online-only event.

Although the event will be held via remote communication technologies to reduce clusters and prevent the spread of the Corona pandemic, expectations point to big surprises that will bring with it to Apple fans.

As is customary for Apple, the ad does not detail what will be displayed, but it may be a hint of the appearance of emoji characters wearing personal glasses.

Highlights that Apple may reveal during this event include iOS 15 for iPhone, which is expected to bring changes related to the look of operating interfaces and app icons, as well as improved FaceTime capabilities.

The company is also expected to announce the « Watch OS 8 » systems dedicated to its smartwatches, where Apple said on its official pages that this system will carry new features related to the form of operating interfaces and control of watches via voice commands.

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The event is also expected to feature the new MacOS 12 system, which will focus on computers equipped with Apple’s M1 processors, and will give laptops a number of new features such as Wallet, Touch ID for dual-authentication to open files or computer data, as well as new security features, and features to increase hardware interface control.

The event is an opportunity for developers to learn about the new technologies, tools and frameworks they rely on to build innovative and unique applications and games for the platform.

« We’re working to make W.D.C. 2021 the largest and best we’ve had so far, and we’re happy to offer our developers new tools to support them while creating apps that change the way we live, work and play, » said Susan Prescott, Apple’s Vice President of Developer Relations Worldwide.

Last year, the company devoted much of its keynote address to announcing the transfer of its Mac lineup to its Apple Silicon processors.

Not surprisingly, Apple chooses to hold its global conference of online developers only, given that the impact of the pandemic still exists worldwide.

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